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Good day! We provide a report on the work done since the opening of the server
Как заработать кинары AION | Дикие, Монстров, Квест

1. Helpers are displayed in a ranking system.
2. Disabling divine stones in all events and in the Sarfan duel location
3. Reducing the amount of "[Event] Drana Coffee" item in 3x3/6x6 MIX. Replacement for "Vinna Juice" for x75 and x100 series.
4. Changing unique mobs in RvR:
- reduced respawn time to 8 minutes
- a visual icon in the announcement to attract attention
- decrease aggro to 10m
- reward increase 5 RVR coin + 1 MİX-FFA coin + 2 GP
5. Removing the buff in the RvR location
6. Increasing the number of RvR-coins per series in RvR
7. Fixed bug of deaths in MIX. Rewritten respawn code.
8. Icon of the Boss on the map in MIX to determine his location
9. Adding a second Boss to MIX - every 30 minutes.
10. Added 2 new MIX locations for 3x3 and 6x6 - Araka and Verteron. Removed Beshmundir.
11. The serial skills of the Wizard and the Archer have been fixed.
12. Vinna Juice and [Event] Blue Atreia no longer drop when entering an event.
13. Changes have been made to the gift system:
- 65 level
- ViP / Gold ViP
14. Ban on the same classes/subclasses in MIX 3x3
15. Added stat 10% PvPDef to "Novice"
16. Added shield to "Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box"
17. Grids in Elysium/Pandemonium Underground Arena locations now open.
18. Server security improvement
19. Fixed a bug where opening boxes with starting equipment at level 9 was buggy before choosing a class.
20. Balanced the stats of both hands of the Assassin class
21. Automatic mute when flooding into a general chat or shout

Aion players to get one free level 80 character

The racial balance in events has been systematized for a long time, but with RvR everything is much more complicated. The new system in the RvR location will allow the lagging race to catch up.

Now 3 bosses will appear in the RvR location with an interval of 10 minutes:
- when opening RvR, there is already a Mini-boss
- after killing him, the 2nd Mini-boss appears after 10 minutes
- after killing the 2nd in 10 minutes, the last one appears - the third Mini-boss

Boss reward:
1-2 Bosses - 25 RvR-coin + 20 GP + 100,000 AP
Gold-Vip gets extra. reward
3rd Boss - 50 RvR-coin + 40 GP + 200,000 AP
Gold-Vip gets extra. reward

New buff in RvR location:
This buff should help the lagging race to properly resist the dominant race, with the subsequent capture of the Mini-Bosses.
If one race captures the 1st Mini-Boss, then the opposite one gets a level 1 buff.
If the 2nd boss dies, then the lagging race has a level 2 buff.
When killing the 3rd boss, strengthening buffs fall off from all players.

Buff characteristics:

1st level
5000 HP
2500 MP
10% PvP Defense
Magic speed +5%
Attack speed +5%

2nd level
10.000 HP
10% PvP Attack
Movement Speed + 10%
Stumble/Stun/Spin/ all Defense + 500

P.S. this RvR system is in test mode. Improvements and changes will be made as needed.

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